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Black Cohosh and Menopause

Black Cohosh and MenopauseBlack cohosh is a kind of wild plant which is found primarily in the United States and Canada. Specializing in Gynecology is very famous for the benefits it delivers to those women who use it.

Native Americans used the black cohosh to treat sore throat, fatigue and the Rattle snake bites; even they were the pioneers in delivering benefits to the women of their tribes.

The Black Cohosh is a medicinal herb to treat hot flashes and night sweats during menopause.
This plant is one of the most studied and probably one of the most popular treatments for hot flashes. In fact, most of the studies have found that it is effective in reducing hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause.

Black Cohosh

However, despite all the research, no one is quite sure how it works. A long held theory stated that Black Cohosh has a positive estrogenic effect, since the decrease in estrogen levels are the main cause of menopausal symptoms. But more recent data suggest that you can actually do to decrease the levels of other hormones (including the luteinizing hormone) that cause hot flashes.

Anyway, the Black Cohosh is not effective in alleviating other symptoms of menopause, such as vaginal dryness.

The recommended dose of Black Cohosh is 20 milligrams twice a day. It is available as fresh or dried root or in pill form, and many health professionals recommend the brand name Remifemin, a standardized extract which has been used in more than 90 studies.

Anyone with any type of liver disease or any type of hepatotoxic medication should not take this herb. In general, Black Cohosh is used on a base in the short term, because the long-term safety is unknown. You should not take during pregnancy or during lactation.

Benefits of black cohosh for menopause

Black cohosh acts in the body of women as an antispasmodic, so if during your menstrual period you suffer from those annoying cramps and hot flashes maybe this plant will help you.

Its antispasmodic action focuses on relieving the muscles, nerves and blood vessels, in fact, one of its components is the famous salicylic acid, one of the main ingredients of aspirin. It also contains isoflavones, aromatic acids, and tannins that notably react in an excellent way on our body.

When you take black cohosh for menopause,you relax the uterus. In many women, stress can cause interruptions in the flow of menstruation and this plant promotes the menstrual bleeding, eliminating this tension.

Black cohosh herb is recommended a few days before giving birth, to relax the uterus and produce more efficient contraction. It is also recommended for women who have had difficult births and is useful for preventing miscarriages.

During menopause is also recommended the use of black cohosh, since this herb has an estrogenic effect in the body, it activates the estrogen of the affected tissues which is great for older women. Even research confirms that black cohosh, decreases hot flashes, night sweats and improves sleep, among other symptoms of menopause.

Properties of Black Cohosh to relief symptoms of menopause

Black Cohosh and Menopause
The woman's body undergoes changes during lifetime due to changes in hormone levels. When menstruation begins to be less regular, and symptoms such as night sweats and palpitations, menopause can be knocking on the door.

Menopause can cause a variety of symptoms that can last from a few months up to 4 years or more. Some women suffer from small annoyances that can cope with to really painful cramps and hot flashes.

The herb called Black Cohosh (also known as black snake root) has properties that relieve menopausal symptoms. Black Cohosh or Cimicifuga racemosa, is a native plant of the United States and Canada, which has served as the basis for creating drugs used in the treatment of menopause.

Published clinical research suggests that black cohosh, apart from helping to calm the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, encourages the agency role balancing hormone levels. Its mild estrogenic properties help to generate this balance by binding to estrogen receptors. In this way, greater body harmony is reached and cramps or night hot flashes are alleviated during menopause.

Adequate hormonal levels promote a healthy sexual function in all stages of the female life, on the other hand, low levels of estrogen are related to various medical problems.

Black cohosh has also shown having antispasmodic properties, which helps relieve muscle spasms, including those associated with premenstrual and menstrual stages and cycles.

This herb is considered to be currently a source of phytoestrogens, however, the mechanism of action of its standardized extract was not elucidated.

There is the possibility of interactions in the case of women medicated by other medical conditions, such as cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a professional complementary medicine to ensure appropriate use.

Various researchers have shown that it has no toxic effects on the body, however, it is recommended not to consume this herb continuously for periods longer than 6 months.

Other benefits of black cohosh and Menopause

But the bemefits of black cohosh are not just for women, it is a stomach tonic that helps to improve nutrient absorption in the stomach and the elimination of waste. In addition, some doctors recommend it to treat infectious diseases such as smallpox.

Black cohosh has become a popular herb in alternative medicine for the important health benefits, although the fresh grass is difficult to achieve in countries outside the United States, its processed marketing is much more frequent. Even in some common pharmacies, you can get it.

Now you know, black cohosh is not only a medicinal plant but one that seems specifically designed for women all around the world. The discovery of it benefits has been an important finding in what has to do with menstrual cramps and other issues relating to women such as menopause and pregnancy.


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