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Is the Black Cohosh safe to induce labor? As your pregnancy matures, it is possible that you are anxious to know your baby. Well, this is natural, and is what all women feel.

However, it is advisable that they do not disturb the natural process and let things happen when it's the right time. Although there is no scientific evidence supporting the use of black cohosh to induce labor, it is an herbal supplement commonly used for this purpose. This herb is known to strengthen and regulate the contractions that promote the ripening of the cervix.

What is Black Cohosh?

The Black cohosh works as a uterine tonic. It prepares the uterus for contractions and stimulates the work. According to the journal of nurse-midwives published in June 1999, 45% of the midwives have used blue and black cohosh for induction of labor in pregnant women.

How to use Cohosh black to induce the birth?

If is thinking in the induction of the delivery with cohosh black, you should have a consultation with your medical of header first. It is essential that it is well informed, and making everything under the supervision of a professional for staying healthy and safe.

Here are some things you should know:
If is takes black cohosh before the delivery, you can be in danger. Also you can put in risk the health of your baby. Therefore, be very careful and take this herbal medicine only under the supervision of your doctor.

You need only 5 drops of black cohosh to promote ripening of the cervix. This will regulate contractions and induce labor.

You can add drops to your coffee or tea, and drink twice a day.

If you can't find any changes in your cervix, you can increase their consumption to 10 drops. You should stop taking it if experience any side effects.
You can take Black cohosh capsules from week 38 of your pregnancy. Each of the capsules usually contains 500 mg of Black cohosh.

It may take 15 drops of herbal medicine to accelerate the process of ripening of the cervix.

You can repeat the process again after a time if any change is found.
For a greater efficiency you can add to the black cohosh a little of cochosh blue. The combination of two herbs can help induce labor.

The induction of Labor:


To be in the safe side, always is better not fall in any practice that interrupts the natural process. Avoid any technique up to week 40 of pregnancy.

The last weeks of your pregnancy are crucial for the development of the brain of your baby.

Your baby may suffer delays of development if your pregnancy is interrupted for up to a week.
Therefore, if you're thinking about using black cohosh or anything to induce labor, you must have a talk with your doctor first.

Since it is all about you and your unborn baby, can not afford the luxury of taking even the smallest risk. If you use Black cohosh, you should be well aware of the risk factors associated with this. These are the most common that you must take into account:

  • The FDA recommends not using any type of herbal supplements during pregnancy.
  • You must be sure that the products you buy contain the ingredients listed on the label.
  • Black cohosh It should be avoided if you are suffering from liver disorders or symptoms of breast cancer.

Talk to your doctor and follow what suggests, since it will free your mind from worries about your baby. If you're not ready, can be that your body needs more time to maintain and protect the small gift of joy in developing inside. So understand the times of your body and not be speed.


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